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Pot Brownie Mix-Up By Victoria Woman Gets Whole Office High


A woman in Victoria, British Columbia was recently looking through her freezer when she came across a box of brownies. She decided to bring them into the office to share with her colleagues at Tax Services, where she works. Maybe she was in a rush, or on a diet, but she apparently didn't taste them herself before leaving them in the office refrigerator.

Flash forward a few hours, and three of the people in her office, all of whom ate brownies, are being rushed to the hospital with "light-headedness, numbness in the limbs and disorientation," according to the Vancouver Sun. Some suspected poisoning.

What really happened, though, is that the brownies belonged to the woman's son, who'd cooked marijuana into them and left them to freezer-burn for a year -- meaning that the woman had accidentally brought pot brownies to work. The police have apparently granted the mother-son weed duo clemency, as neither is being charged. Good thing the woman was just at her office and not at band camp!

This sounds a story found on the cutting floor of Skins US or a ghastly Eugene Levy comedy, but maybe it's just what life's like in British Columbia.

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