Check Out This Pot-Slinging Catapult Found On Mexico's Border

The contraption was being used to hurl bundles of marijuana into the U.S., officials said.

Drug smugglers along the Mexico-Arizona border will have to find another way to deliver marijuana after their pot-slinging catapult was dismantled.

The giant contraption was dismantled from a border fence near Douglas, Arizona, on Friday after its discovery by patrolling U.S. Border Patrol agents, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Mexican officials took it away.

Agents said they spotted the delivery system after seeing a group of people running away from the fence on Mexico’s side. When they went to investigate, they found the structure locked onto the fence’s south side. They then found two bundles of marijuana, weighing a total of 47 pounds. 

Though the contraption may sound ridiculous, it’s not the first pot pitcher found.

A similar catapult was discovered in 2011 near Arizona. (You can check out video of it launching here.)

Last September, authorities also found a bazooka that they said was used to fire drugs across the border. 

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