Can I Bring A Joint To The Dinner Party?

The cultural acceptance of pot has had major ripple effects politically, with lawmakers adjusting their views on legalization, and law enforcement recalibrating the resources it devotes to an expensive, often unproductive campaign against the drug.

The impact has been felt socially as well. Habits that were routine are now being reconsidered in light of people's growing comfort with lighting up.

Just take an average Friday night dinner in Denver, for example.

With pot legalized in Colorado, should you (can you) bring a joint along with the bottle of wine to the gathering? If you bake brownies for the party, do you need a disclaimer about the contents? And if you’re hosting, is it gauche to leave the bong out on the bookshelf?

What, in other words, is modern pot etiquette?

To answer that all-important question, The Huffington Post’s "Drinking & Talking" brought together Taylor West of the National Cannabis Industry Association, Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-Calif.), Ted Hesson of Fusion and Ryan Reilly of The Huffington Post. Their insights –- valuable for your next weekend in Seattle or trip to Steamboat Springs -– are in the video above.



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