Pot Rice Krispies Treats: Two Men Arrested For Dealing And Buying Drug-Laced Treat

Half Baked: Men Arrested For Selling Pot Rice Krispies Treats

Pot brownies aren't the only baked good that can get you high (and arrested). Ariel Herrara, 23, was caught selling the pot-laced Rice Krispies Treats to Logan Delfugeo, 32, in New York's East Village, reports the New York Post. "I guess these guys wanted to take care of the high and the munchies all at once," one anonymous law enforcement source told the Post.

Forty-eight treats were discovered, along with 11 bags of weed. Herrara is charged with criminal sale and possession of marijuana, and Delfugeo is charged with criminal possession of marijuana.

This isn't the first time people have got caught with "special" Rice Krispies Treats. In August of last year alone, two separate Rice Krispies incidents occurred -- one Ohio man had 4.5 pounds of the treat and one South Carolina man tried explaining that his Krispies were for his "sick aunt." Perhaps one reason this treat is so popular (illegality aside) is that it is relatively easy to bake.

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