This Pot Vending Machine Is Just As Awesome As It Sounds

Usually you hit the vending machine after you've smoked pot, but now in Colorado there's a vending machine that sells weed-infused goodies.

The ZaZZZ by American Green, called the state's first marijuana edibles vending machine, was officially unveiled Saturday at Montana's Smokehouse barbecue in Avon, Colo., Fox 31 reports.

“Many people could look at this and say that’s just a vending machine, and they’d be right but mostly wrong," Stephen Shearin, COO of American Green parent Tranzbyte, told the station.

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Check out the official unveiling today @MontanasAvon! Thanks Liz for the pics ^_^ #zazzz

— Herbal Elements (@HerbalColorado) April 12, 2014

As many outlets note, recreational users will not be getting their buzz from the box. Customers will need a valid medical marijuana card and be verified through what Shearin called the machine's "active biometrics," The Cannabist blog wrote.

Tranzbyte said in a news release last month that the machine has been "eagerly anticipated" even by competitors. "We are keen to bring what we consider ground breaking technology to the market," Tranzbyte president David Gwyther said in a statement.

The machine will be installed at Herbal Element's medical dispensary in Eagle-Vail but won't be operational until all compliance is confirmed, reports note.

Shearin told The Cannabist that the machines have a "wow factor" and are perfect for shy customers capable of self-service and others who like the DIY checkout experience.

NPR notes that companies operating out of Arizona and California have also developed marijuana vending machines, but, unlike the ZaZZZ, they are kept behind store counters.

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