Potential Crises

With some warning indications emerging in the economy, it is helpful to understand the potential effects this may have. Yet, one must caution their self before assuming a conclusion, for indications only produce predictions. This being said, these indications that have been emerging in the economy tend to cause a movement in people due to conflict and tension at home. This movement of people tends to cause disturbances in the places where they go due to communal beliefs of the locals that tend to be encouraged or discouraged by other events.

Currently, China's economy is experiencing downward trends, which means the people who rely on China's economy will also be affected by this downward trend. Another strong indication China's economy is doing poorly is the movement of money from Chinese currency to the United States of America's currency.

Now, the news is slowly pointing attention to Africa because it had developed strong ties with China in the past few years. The middle and southern parts of the African continent are being heavily impacted by the downward trend of China's economy. This will lead to companies in these African countries to dismiss employees, which tends to lead to protest due increasing unemployment rates and lack of livelihood. This possible instability that is being produced is furthered by the low oil prices because it lowers the revenue of countries that depend on oil. As the instability furthers, these countries will be faced with protest, rise in crime, and so on. Eventually, it will hit a point of contention, and this will lead the people to leave their countries for better hope. Similar to the reason people in Central and South America leave their country for the United States of America.

But, people of the African continent cannot cross the Atlantic Ocean to get to the United States of America. It is a high fail rate to do so. These people will need to go north to Europe, yet this continent is experiencing a refugee crisis already. They have and are taking stricter measures to limit their boards. Also, these countries are seeing rises in crimes against asylum seekers. Therefore, these possible refugees from Africa will increase the tension in Europe due to fears of economy and personal safety. These factors will shift more people towards far right policies. Eventually, the European continent will hit a contention point. The European Union will need to ask the United States of America to help with the refugee crisis. But, with current political issues this country is experiencing, it will be slow to help. If America helps, with this crisis, the voters will slowly start drifting towards far right policies, which may get a boost from the Zika Virus. The republicans will most likely use the Zika Virus as another reason to close the borders with southern countries. Essentially, the world is developing contention points at each end.

Where this may go is hard to say. All that has been written is a prediction based on trends that have occurred throughout history.