5 Potluck Dishes That Are Better Than Lasagna

We love a bubbling casserole of pasta and cheese as much as you do, but there's a case to be made for shaking things up at your next party. Here are five amazing alternative ideas.

By Lynn Andriani

It's not that we don't adore lasagna -- but we have to admit that the return on investment for this crowd-pleasing classic is pretty low (if you're making it from scratch). You spend a couple of hours in the kitchen, only to watch the lasagna be gobbled up in minutes. Save this pasta bake for a night when you can savor it at home (and enjoy the leftovers for days) -- and try one of these other recipes the next time you have to bring something to a party. They're from Amy Thielen's new cookbook, The New Midwestern Table, which brims with 200 recipes for the rustic, soul-tugging cuisine of Thielen's potluck-centric childhood in Minnesota.

5 Potluck Dishes That Are Better Than Lasagna