JK Rowling Site Pottermore Teams Up With Google Books

Guess Who Harry Potter Is Teaming Up With Now

Today, Google Books announced that they will be teaming up with JK Rowling’s highly anticipated website Pottermore this fall.

By joining forces with Google Books, Pottermore will be able to provide avid fans with a larger platform on which they can read their favorite series. Fans will be given the option of keeping their Harry Potter e-books in their Google Books collection, allowing them to continue reading the series on essentially any device with an Internet connection, as well as upwards of 50 different ereaders.

JK Rowling announced plans for Pottermore late last month, explaining the site as a “safe, unique online reading experience built around the Potter books” which allows readers to participate in the stories as well as rediscover the series.

With the eighth and final film having already raked in a staggering 436 million dollars world-wide since its Friday release, the Harry Potter e-books will undoubtedly be incredibly lucrative for Google Books.

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