Family Moves Into New Home, Gets A Very Unexpected Delivery

Cops seized a package that contained around 7 pounds of marijuana.

Were you waiting for a delivery of weed in the Arlington, Texas, area on Wednesday?

Don't worry, your package hasn't gotten lost -- it's just now in the hands of U.S. Postal Service inspectors after being dropped off to the wrong person. Getting it back might be slightly problematic, however.

The box, containing around 7 pounds of marijuana, was left on the doorstep of an Arlington home, according to a Facebook post from the Arlington Police Department.

The address on the label was correct but the recipient's name didn't match to the homeowners, who'd only recently moved in to the previously vacant property, NBC DFW reported. There was no return address.

The new homeowners opened up the package -- and immediately called cops after seeing what they described as "a green leafy substance," according to WFAA.

"They don't want anybody obviously coming looking for a package now," he added to the newspaper.

Cops seized the weed and it's now in the hands of U.S. Postal Service inspectors, who are investigating the incident, according to the Facebook post.

Cook speculated to the Star Telegram that someone may have been shipping packages to the house, which had been vacant for some time before the new family moved in.

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