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'Banned' Ad From Grey Poupon Asks Viewers: 'What Do You Poupon?'

It's the ad we've all been waiting for.

Forget "pardon me." Grey Poupon is apparently skipping right over niceties and asking viewers a very personal question: "What do you Poupon?"

Reddit is calling it "the Grey Poupon commercial you've been waiting for since you were six." We have to hand it to creators Adam Grimes and Jessica Sattelberger, the comedic geniuses behind this "banned" video that surfaced on June 15 on the OBVS YouTube channel.

In a Huffington Post exclusive, we learned that Grimes and Sattelberger filmed the video in a day after dreaming up the concept at a wedding. The creators of a web series called "SHYRNX" (a play on apps like LYFT), Grimes and Sattelberger were flabbergasted when they saw that the video hit 7,000 views (it's now at 500,000 views). Over the next day, they watched news outlets start to cover the video and speculate whether the creators of the commercial were in cahoots with Grey Poupon or not. To clear things up, Grimes and Sattelberger "literally did it for fun" and are not associated with the mustard makers in any way, shape or condiment.

When asked what their ideal response would be from the Grey Poupon, Jessica answered with, "It would be cool for them to say 'We've seen it, and we thought it was pretty funny.'" She noted that the pair really "love the mustard" and thought it would be neat to make a commercial for Grey Poupon, since "they haven't made one in a really long time." Adam echoed her thoughts, adding that, "the best part of the shoot was having two to three leftover jars of the mustard."

All we have to say is, Grey Poupon -- if you're reading this -- we're pretty sure you need to hire Adam and Jessica to run your next ad campaign, because apparently everything they "Poupon" turns to gold.

To learn more about the jokesters, follow Adam Grimes and Jessica Sattelberger on twitter.

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