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Poutine Dumplings Exist, And We're Very Afraid

You may never need to eat again.

When two completely distinct but equally awesome foods come together, it can either be a match made in heaven or a recipe for disaster. Ice cream and cookies are an obvious combo, as is pretty much anything combined with macaroni and cheese, whether it's a grilled cheese sandwich or pretzel bites. Croissants and doughnuts come together to form a unique food mashup you may have heard of... Whether that combo is for better or worse, we'll let you decide.

In the latest edition of crazy food mashups, YouTuber Epic Meal Time brings you a particularly, er, epic one: Poutine Dumplings. Combining two of the most quintessential comfort foods, poutine and dumplings, this invention is the definition of gluttony. Mark our words, it's going to be your new favorite late-night snack this winter. (Trust us, you'll feel like a champion the morning after.)

To make these cheesy, fried bombshells, first boil potatoes and chop up maple pepper-coated bacon. Mash these two ingredients together, adding flour, eggs, cornstarch and salt. Once you've mixed together your dumpling dough, roll it into balls, imprint the balls with your finger and stuff them with cheese curds. Let the cheese curd-stuffed dumpling balls cool in the refrigerator for an hour before boiling them and dredging them in flour, egg and crunchy onions. Finally, fry them up and, most importantly, smother the dumplings in gravy. You may never need to eat again.

If you're feeling a little cheated because there aren't any fries in these poutine dumplings, we've got a simple solution for you. Eat them over fries! Or, alternatively, thank the video makers at Epic Meal Time for leaving you more room in your stomach for fried, cheesy dumplings.

Watch Epic Meal Time's video for step-by-step instructions for these crazy-looking Canadian dumplings. Next up, we're hoping someone figures out how to make French onion soup poutine dumplings by the end of winter. Anyone?

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