Bubonic Plague Island To Be Auctioned Off As Location For Luxury Hotel

Thousands checked in and never checked out. Now the Italian government wants developers to build a luxury hotel on what some people consider to be the "world's most haunted island."

The Italian government will attempt to reduce its national debt by putting an island in the Venetian Lagoon up for auction. The catch? The island, called Poveglia, has a colorful history -- and by colorful, we mean viscerally terrifying.

It was the site of an insane asylum where a doctor performed unnecessary lobotomies on patients. The ruins of the hospital were explored on the Travel Channel's paranormal reality show "Ghost Adventures."

But most notably, the tiny island was used as a quarantine for Bubonic plague victims. An estimated 100,000 dead or infected people were brought to the island and burned, leaving the soil a mixture of human bone and ash.

Sounds like a great place for a romantic getaway .... of doom.



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