Power Breakfasts: What Our Healthy Living Community Eats To Start Their Days

What'sPower Breakfast?
omelet with vegetable salad
omelet with vegetable salad

Breakfast might just be the most important meal of the day, but all morning fuel is certainly not created equal. A powdered donut and a sugar-laden blended drink? Not quite the same as a bowl of heart-healthy oatmeal and a plain coffee.

So earlier this week we asked two nutritionists to help make over the standard American breakfasts, making smart but simple swaps to start your day off better -- check out their tips here. And we also asked you, our Healthy Living community, to weigh in on the breakfasts that power up your day. Readers sounded off on Twitter with their breakfast recipes for success -- take a look at their answers, then tell us in the comments how you build a healthy first meal of the day.

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