New York

Power Couples In New York (PHOTOS)

New York is no stranger to the Power Couple -- those duos who are made of up equally impressive parts -- whether it's a coupling of sports heroes or world-class designers, power brokers and designers and heirs, the city's got it.

By what criteria should one be deemed a 'power couple'? When date night requires that two secretaries coordinate schedules? Maybe. But wealth and fame alone does not cut it. Fame is cheap these days, and notoriety can attach itself to nothing more than a shadow of itself, no achievement or talent required. Fame that feeds and begets more fame does not a power couple make (there's no talk show hosts or reality stars, here). Each participant in said couple must be impressive in their own right -- creative, accomplished, powerful, important (we do, however, make exceptions for certain heirs, when necessary).

The list is by no means complete, but these are the ones we chose to highlight. As they say, New York is not a place but a process, and will never be finished. So, too, for the power couple.

Enough preamble. You know them all, but who is the best? The worst? Who are you rooting for? And who do you think will soon end up on the Divorce page?