Getting More Sleep Is Easier Said Than Done

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Of course, getting more sleep is easier said than done -- believe me, I know! This is especially true in a culture that's wired and connected 24/7. And more and more science is proving that glowing screens and sleep are natural enemies. Researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute recently published a study showing that the light from computer screens obstructs the body's production of melatonin, which helps govern our internal body clock and regulates our sleep cycle. Technology allows us to be so hyper-connected with the outside world that we can lose connection to our inner world. -- Arianna Huffington, Thrive

The Ideal Sleep Environment

As we gently escort our devices out of our bedrooms state-of-the-art advances in technology have made possible the creation of the ideal sleep environment. This is significant because according to many medical authorities, quality sleep may be the single most important factor in maintaining long-term health.

Ensure Quality Sleep

To ensure the highest quality sleep -- and adequate rest and recovery -- there are many considerations that the Kenko Naturest Sleep System have resolved in the sleep environment. These include: physical comfort, supportive thermal environment with moisture control, ventilation stimulation, hygiene and energetic environment all designed to support the highest quality sleep.

The Kenko Naturest Sleep System optimizes each of these different factors for each individual, even if they share a bed with a partner who might have significantly different requirements at any one time.

Creating a Third Metric Sleep Revolution

Remember that creating a healthier, happier life doesn't need to be complicated. By simply incorporating the Kenko Naturest Sleep System into our bed for better sleep and adding the sleep tips suggested in my first article we will begin to create our personal revolution that will change our culture, our thinking, our workplaces, and our lives.

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