'Power Loader' Halloween Costume Features Dad And Baby Ready To Take On 'Aliens' (VIDEO)

World's Coolest Dad Constructs Alien-Fighting Power Loader Suit Around Daughter's Baby Bjorn

Matching parent-child costumes are gaining popularity this Halloween, with many parents deciding to combine costumes with their offspring.

Jason Smith, a very crafty father and fan of the cult favorite "Aliens," took the concept to a whole new level this week, creating a "Power Loader" costume, based on the alien-fighting contraption from the film.

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While many others have attempted to recreate James Cameron's alien-fighting creation, this may be the first version of the costume to feature a baby in place of Sigourney Weaver.

Constructed from cardboard boxes and hot glue, the robot suit took two nights and a day to build, according to a YouTube video posted by Smith. Smith's daughter fit snugly into a Baby Bjorn carrier in the front, and the entire costume only weighed about 10 pounds -- plus the weight of the baby, of course.

For safety's sake, most of the costume could be taken apart easily.

"I love Halloween, and I wanted to create a costume that my daughter and I could share. She was amazingly content the whole night, and enjoyed looking at everybody else's costumes," Smith writes.

A photo of the amazing get-up was posted on Reddit Sunday, and already has more than 30,000 up votes.

The National Retail Federation estimates that more than 170 million Americans are celebrating Halloween this year. For anyone still struggling to find a costume, check out these family costume slideshows. ("Back to the Future," anyone?)

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