Listen: 'The Power of Crowds' on the TED Radio Hour

Watch the TEDTalk that inspired this post.

This past May, the TED Radio Hour explored the fascinating ideas behind mass collaboration. Crowd-based actions on the Internet, collective improvisational pranks on the streets of New York, open-source city building, virtual music composition and performance... the journey into the world of shared expression is uplifting and powerful.

As TED Radio Hour looks at the phenomenon of the power of crowds, we discover that group innovation perhaps is less about the tools now at our disposal, and more about humanity's natural instincts to participate. A new wave of collaborative consumption is transforming society and rewriting the rules of engagement. What is the potential of 21st century collaboration? Why are we intuitively drawn to crowdsourcing? Is the rise of collaboration new or have we seen this before?

Have a listen to the Power of Crowds on the TED Radio Hour and think about when you experienced a lot of people coming together to create something new... something wonderful.

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