Power of Education: Why Plastic Surgeons Should Start a Blog

Blogs not only helps in building a strong relationship, but also expand your research skills because you seek out the best resources for the readers.
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There is some good news for all plastic surgeons.

For the first time in history, according to American Society for Society Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), Americans spent more than $13.5 billion on combined (surgical and non-surgical) aesthetic procedures in 2015.

Surgical procedures, with 58% of the total expenditure, crossed the 8-billion mark for the first time. Non-Surgical procedures, with 42 % of the total expenditure, passed the 5-billion-mark for the first time.

By comparing the figures with 2014, there was a whopping $ 1.5 billion increase in the total expenditures.

From 2011-2015, cosmetic procedures have increased by 39% with surgical procedures up by 17% and nonsurgical procedures up by 44%.

Compared to 2014, combined surgical and nonsurgical procedures were up 20% in 2015.

There are many plastic surgeons out there who have ample experience like you to handle any complications that may arise before, during, and after plastic surgery.

The question arises:

What makes you different from these surgeons?

The act of sharing.

Client education is the best way to build a personal comfort level.

Why is Blogging one of the best medium for generating people's value?

When you sit down and write down your experiences that you've seen and learned, it showcases your expertise on the subject. Your professional opinions make you far ahead of your competition.

Blogs not only helps in building a strong relationship, but also expand your research skills because you seek out the best resources for the readers.

"A comfortable relationship leads to a positive outcome. Care is the best way for emoting your love and respect towards clients. A simple guidance leaves a long-lasting positive impact on someone's life. Communication is vital. Show your concern. Do not complicate things. Develop the power of listening and translate your expert knowledge in layman terms," says, DR. Michael Gartner, double board certified plastic surgeon, Gartner Plastic Surgery.

Use your blog as a tool for clearing the confusion

With ever-increasing personal disposable income and medical advancement, people can afford the treatment.

Statistics at the beginning of this blog post point that people are more than willing to invest in themselves. You, as a mentor, has the responsibility to guide the patients in the right direction.

Here are some article ideas to remove cloud of doubt in your client's mind:

  • Motivating factors behind taking the first step to change your physical appearance.
  • Are you prepared for your treatment?
  • Are you getting too emotional for cosmetic surgery procedure? Here are the signs
  • Tips to confirm you are taking the right move
  • Why investing in yourself is not a wrong move?

Introduce Content Upgrades in your articles

A content upgrade is an additional content that readers can access after exchanging their email address.

The best way to implement them is to create a content upgrade related to the content which the people are reading on your site.

For example, you wrote a post on 'Breast Augmentation with Implants.' With your content, include a detailed PDF guide on 'Breast Augmentation Before and After Guide'.

In this guide, you can list out the precautions to be taken a day before and few days before the surgery, pre-operative instructions, a list of medications to avoid, and recovery procedures.

Use the email addresses wisely

Never break the trust by bombarding the client's mailbox with tons of promotional offers. If they have given you a golden chance to land in their inbox, respect them.

What should you do with the email contacts?

  • Build relationship: When you start sharing the information with the intention of educating the clients, trust develops.
  • Conduct a webinar session: Share the webinar links in your mail. It is an excellent way to have a direct interaction with different people. You can tell your story and listen to the pain points of your clients from anywhere, be it your workplace or home.
  • Introduce your Staff Members

    Nobody loves to connect with strangers. Apart from showcasing their expertise, surgeons must highlight the strength of support staff. Dedicate a blog page for your staff members. It shows how much you care for them.

    Treat them as star members because they work hard in accomplishing your primary goal to improve people's lives.

    Be it your registered nurse, physician assistant, surgical assistant, administrative assistant, receptionists, or patient coordinator, present their work abilities and out-of-work interesting stories in front of public.

    Your staff page must leave this impression in reader's mind:

    I'm in safe hands.


    If you think you are short of article ideas, come up with a better excuse to avoid the wonderful practice of writing.

    The best thing is that you don't need to go different places to gather ideas. People come with their concerns in your office.

    They are full of questions in their mind. Develop your listening skills. See what your patients are most worried about. Understand their pain points. What problems are they facing on a frequent basis?

    Next time, when someone visits your office and comes with the same problem, you can assist them and refer them to visit the blog post to understand the whole procedure in more depth.

    For more clarity about the options and methods you use, include 3-D animation lessons in your content.

    No one can deny the following fact:

    If you care about people, people will care about you.

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