Love transforms people -- it truly does! It makes them happy, productive, grateful, generous, and all manner of good stuff. So, if this is the case, why aren't people plunging into it all the time?
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Love transforms people -- it truly does! It makes them happy, productive, grateful, generous, and all manner of good stuff. So, if this is the case, why aren't people plunging into it all the time? Instead, they find reasons to worry, criticize, judge, blame and not fall in love at all. It's easy to find fault if you look for it. It's just as easy to find merit and reasons to fall in love. Love is powerful. It's the most powerful force in the universe! Some benefits include:

Invincibility: With the love of a good person, the partner becomes invincible -- he or she can jump over buildings or scale the highest of the high ones. Whatever he or she wants, he or she can do and with newly-discovered ease. My father called it the "one plus one equals 11" equation, and I think there is much truth in this. You can create your own nuclear reactor right in the tip of your finger. Watch out world! Allow your partner to inspire you to perspire. Inspiration is wonderful.

Power: Independence makes one lovable and ultimately powerful. Are you capable of maintaining yourself through your own contribution so that all the other need do is to share their life and love with you? Crassly put, no financial expectations of the love interest. If you rely on a two-person income because you have children, that's fine, just so you can count on yourself to do your share. It's only fair. And, it's nice to have your own little stash of cash to buy your honey gifts. The power you feel when independent feels great!


Assistance and Support: When love is acted upon, the universe says, "Yeah, baby!" The universe wants you to be in your highest elevation of a spiritual state and supported by what you believe to be your highest power, which wants you to be in loving shoes. So it will support you in love.

Don't try to turn your back on love. Life is too short to put love on hold thinking it will be more appropriate or better at a different time. This "wait and see" attitude is a life killer and basically slaps the universe in the face for it having delivered you a gift and your having turned it down. Naughty, naughty! Now, accept that nice gift, give gratitude for it, and cherish it for what it is and nurture it with your heart and soul. Would you turn down a gift from Santa Claus? Exactly the same thing applies to the universe and its gifts.

Mutual Growth: Bringing your partner to his/her best self is the greatest gift you can give him/her. Helping the other person fully realize his and her potential has to be one of the happiest parts of being in love and acting in a positive way on it. Say your partner has always wanted to be an archeologist but has not acted on it since age 12. Then book a trip on the Nile, and watch him or her flourish as his or her passion is reignited and this time, as an adult, some new and good things may come of it. If nothing else, you'll have a fabulous trip!

More Love: Do you have a birth of a new relationship occurring in your life? Congratulations! Loving is something akin to a child, only you are rearing a relationship, something that is very alive, moving, and growing. There is you, your partner, and then there's your relationship that yields a power of its own. It has memories stored in it, designs for how you envision your relationship, and coaching skills for your romance. It needs feeding and tending just like a garden, and the better tended the garden, the better the relationship tends to be. You'll be your own gardener unless outside help is needed, and it's nice to know that help is always available, too! This third spoke is very powerful and lends a strong voice to couples!

So, if you are going to let love transform you, be a willing participant! It will be a power-packed ride, and if all goes well, the ride of a lifetime! Enjoy! You will be richer for it!


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