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Is Time an Illusion ?

Thoughts have an energy, which is in resonance with the energy of the universe. And energy is equivalent to mass. Therefore, thoughts are equivalent to mass and have power that can manifest into reality.
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The Zero Point Field (ZPF) and Time Dependence
There is mounting evidence that the ZPF is literally timeless; that Past, Present and Future flow together within the infinite energy field. Physicist Helmut Schmidt conducted a number of experiments that delve into the timelessness of the ZPF. In one, he sent people to random locations then asked them to photograph the locations within 15 minutes of arriving then fill in a questionnaire he gave them.

The clairvoyants he used for the project then correctly described all locations involved, but Schmidt went a step further. Upon asking the clairvoyants to describe the locations before the other people arrived, they correctly did so. Well over 300 experiments later and Schmidt concluded that time and space do not exist for the ZPF in the way that we know of it.

In another experiment he later conducted, he sent test subjects home with a tape of computer beeps that were randomly arranged to play in the left or right ear. He asked them to focus on imagining the beeps playing more in one ear than in the other. As a control, he kept a copy of each tape for himself.

He played the tapes back when his test subjects returned with their results. Not only were the people able to influence which ear the beeps played in, but Schmidt's own copies of the tapes played the exact same sequence. His only conclusion was that the subjects had to have influenced how the beeps were played as the computer was recording them, which is only possible if the ZPF connecting the subjects with their environment does not care about temporal constraints.

Zero point field and aging
Another experiment at Harvard University recreated a scene from 1959, complete with furniture, films of the day and period newspapers, then asked a group of 70 year olds to live there for a few days. Within a week all were showing signs of the reversal of their symptoms of aging; increased flexibility, improved eyesight and improved joints. Their bodies had begun to physically adapt to the mental imagery of 1959, when the subjects were a lot younger. One possible explanation is they had connected with the blueprint of themselves inscribed upon the ZPF from 1959.

In the ZPF there is no difference between perceived information and actual information, between the real and the imagined --information is information. The brain can retrieve it all the same. The memory of it, of everything, is stored within the ZPF waiting to be retrieved. In the case of that which is only "imagined", it but awaits one to manifest it. Not something that actually happened to you, but you want to manifest it anyway -- just as simple as recalling anything else from the cosmos. Wish to manifest something for someone else? It is just as simple, and is something that has been researched as well. It may just explain a peculiar phenomena of people in hospitals who heal quicker when random people around the world pray for them.

The Quantum Hologram
This is the name given to this eternal information exchange. The event history of all macroscopic matter is continually broadcast non-locally, received by other matter in its environment and interacting with it. It is the macro-scaled extension of the quantum-level emission and absorption that gives rise to particle entanglement.

While investigating improvements to functional MRI, it was found that the emission and re-absorption of energy by macroscopic-level physical objects carries information about the event history of that object. It does so in the phase differences of the interference patterns of the emitted quanta of energy. The theoretical model for this is the exact same one as used in holography, and so it was termed quantum holography. This provides an explanation for how the whole of a creature learns, adapts and evolves as a self-organized node in a holistic system; and allows for the non-local exchange of information at all scales, not just the ultra-microscopic, and can take place at all temperatures, not just absolute zero.

Entanglement may be the way that individual particles can exchange information in a non-local way, but now quantum holography is present to scale this up and allow the interaction of molecules and macro-scaled objects and creatures with the zero point field. Individual particles are entangled with the ZPF, but now we see that objects -- being comprised of a large number of individual particles -- can act as a single unit to exhibit its net influence into the ZPF.

Thus this model provides the final connection between people and the zero point field. It is this final connection that can allow Science to now deal with the metaphysical, with such issues as metaphysics, parapsychology and some aspects of mysticism and religion.

Quantum mechanics and biology both point to one single fact: Thoughts have an energy, which is in resonance with the energy of the universe. And energy is equivalent to mass. Therefore, thoughts are equivalent to mass. Thoughts have power that can manifest into reality. The Zero Point Field is energy and information in one, the ultimate source of potential just awaiting for one to tap into it. Time and space do not matter for it -- only from our tiny perspectives and how we wish to call forth our desires.

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