Pumpkin Drill Designs For You, The Man With The Power Drill

Because knives are so been there, done that.

Need to get festive last-minute? Why not rev up your Halloween spirit with power tools?! Most of these designs only take a few minutes and the results are so badass, you'll look like a pumpkin-carving Picasso in no time.

Go for something quick and minimalist ...

... or something a little more elaborate.

The drill also makes it hella easy to carve out letters.

You can even personalize your pumpkin with your name so that the world will know that masterpiece is YOURS, DAMMIT.

And if you're feeling really ambitious, these "Star Wars" pumpkins are spooktacular.

Or, you know, stick to the classic jack-o'-lantern look.

How awesome do they look when they're all lit up together?! DAMN, THAT'S A FINE-ASS GROUP OF PUMPKINS.

If you're really lazy or you gave your drill to your d-ck neighbor Steve like, seven months ago and never saw it again, you can always just turn your pumpkin into a sweet beer cooler.

Happy Halloween, man.

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