Here’s What The Powerball Winner Should Really Do With The Money

"To help change the world, the #lottery winner should become a GOP Presidential Candidate."

In case you're not keeping tabs, the Powerball jackpot has passed $1.5 billion.

To whoever wins: Once you've bought The New Republic, taken a bath in gold coins, and created the Super PAC of your choice, remember you can also use your winnings for good, and not just 24-karat gold toilet paper.

We asked our readers for ideas about how the winner could do some good in the world.

Vaccinate every kid in the world against measles:

Send girls to school:

Fight the good fight against ISIS propaganda:

Create an "anti-gun" lobby:

Enter the race for a Republican presidential candidate:

End cancer (or at least fund its research):

End childhood hunger in America:

Fund Planned Parenthood:

Make an animal sanctuary:

 Or, all of the above! Who says billionaires can't have it all?

Any more ideas? Write us in the comments!

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