Pedro Quezada, Powerball Winner, Will Pay Neighbors' Rent With Jackpot: Report

In a true show of magnanimity, Pedro Quezada -- who won the $338 million Powerball jackpot March 23 -- has reportedly vowed to pay the rent of everyone who lives on the New Jersey block where he owns a small bodega.

According to the New York Daily News, a friend of Quezada's said Saturday, “He said he’s going to pay the rent for everybody here on this block for at least a month or two months.”

Residents were elated to hear Quezada's pledge and praised him for being a truly hard worker who deserved his big win, according to the outlet.

“This is a gift from god – completely. Our family is humble, poor,” Quezada said at a press conference on March 26.

After winning the fourth-largest sum in Powerball history, Quezada, a Dominican immigrant with five children, said the first thing he planned to do was to help his family, the Associated Press reports.

But first, Quezada must pay $29,000 in child support payments that date back to 2009. The fines could result in Quezada's arrest if he doesn't cooperate with authorities, the AP reports. Quezada is scheduled to appear in court Monday to settle the matter, according to the Daily News.

Quezada cashed in on his $221 million lump sum on Tuesday, according to AP. The odds of getting all five lottery numbers right in addition to the powerball are one in 175 million.

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