Powerball Lottery Releases 41 Tickets Worth $1 Million Or More

The three lucky people who won the Powerball jackpot on Wednesday may be getting (almost) all the attention for their $448 million prize. But there are millions of others out there who also can call themselves winners.

Altogether there were more than 4 million winning tickets in Wednesday's drawing, according to ABC News. That means that, excluding the three jackpot winners, there's still nearly $67 million in prize money out there to claim.

Of the millions of non-jackpot winners, there are 38 tickets worth $1 million or more, according to NBC News. In order to win a million or more, those players had to match all five numbers drawn except the Powerball number.

It’s not uncommon for dozens of million-dollar winners to claim a prize during a major jackpot drawing; 35 people won $1 million or more in May, when Gloria MacKenzie claimed a $590 million prize.

As for this week’s three jackpot winners in Minnesota and New Jersey, they’ll split the prize, each taking home around $58.6 million after taxes if they claim the prize as a lump sum -- or nearly $150 million if taken over 30 years.



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