Powerful Ad Highlights Just How Racist Beauty Aisles Really Are

Shea Moisture wants to help make the beauty industry more inclusive.

Shea Moisture released a powerful ad on Tuesday, which highlights the ways in which the beauty industry often neglects women of color. The commercial has a very simple message to black women everywhere, it's time to #BreakTheWalls of the beauty industry. 

The haircare brand, founded in 1991 in Harlem by Liberian refugees, provides a wide array of products designed to treat natural black hair. The ad, which aired during BET's "Black Girls Rock!" depicts black women being forced to find beauty products in the "Ethnic" aisle of a convenience store. 

"We just have been conditioned to go to the corner and find our spot where we've been placed," says one woman via voice over. "There's a section called 'Ethnic,' and there is an aisle called 'Beauty.'"

The video ends with the predominantly white "Beauty" aisle breaking away and falling down only to reveal Shea Moisture products in the beauty aisle, too.

"We're Shea Moisture, and now, we can be found in the beauty aisle -- where we all belong."

Finally, a black haircare brand that's unapologetically calling out the way the beauty and haircare industry neglects women of color. It's been a long time coming. 

Watch the empowering commercial in its entirety above. 



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