Powerful Entrepreneurs - Holding our Tender Edges in a Sea of Social Media

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Sometimes I feel like I am surrounded by the most epic and amazing forward thinking entrepreneurs in the world. Sometimes I feel like when I look around me into the community I inhabit, I am deeply awed by the sheer Magnificence of these beings.

<p>Sometimes it is inspiring and calls me further into greatness...</p>

Sometimes it is inspiring and calls me further into greatness...


Sometimes it is inspiring and calls me further into Greatness...

And sometimes it cripples me…

This Community of Wonders is far and wide. Some, I live in space with or have lived in space with through my travels, and some are simply ‘sponsored’ faces popping up in my feed or beings that float in the field of my wider community. There is a feeling of So Close Yet So Far in this Cyber World which creates room for my imagination to postulate Grand Identities for these beings. Grand Offerings, Grand Success, Grand Perfection. It creates space for me to forget the real and vulnerable, very human underbelly that may not be as pretty as the Angle Specific Selfie.

In a time where social media is one of the main arenas for Seeing and Feeling the wider world, I can find myself slipping into the unrelenting World of Comparison. It is easy to conceptually understand that what we see through the lens of social media is simply a Snippet of a Life, of a Human, of a World… but if we are feeling a little fragile in our self worth, these Humanoid Brochures can send us spiralling into the depths of self doubt and comparison.

In a community of Powerful Spirit Centred Entrepreneurs, it can be easy to feel a pressure to be the on the forefront... ever brave, ever powerful and ever bridging to greater horizons. Sometimes, when it feels like my progress is slow or non-existent or I have a hiccup in my emotional field, I can find myself falling. I can fall, quite hard, into a hole where self deprecation and doubt are the Loudest Voices. Sometimes, in the presence of such Magnificence, my own fragile self worth is not strong enough to hold it’s own Knowing of my Value. It is intense. It is like a paralysis that washes over me and I literally feel stuck in some kind of Thick Debilitating Goo, unable to take a step in any direction.

Every time it happens, it breaks my heart.

And at the same time, somewhere underneath it all, I do have an underlying knowing that we each hold Unique and Varied gifts, offerings and ways of being. This is usually what supports my gradual pathway out of the Mucky Goo, but it takes some time and is a obscure and winding road.

<p>Underneath it all, I have an underlying knowing of our Unique and Varied gifts and our Unique and Varied ways of offering and being.</p>

Underneath it all, I have an underlying knowing of our Unique and Varied gifts and our Unique and Varied ways of offering and being.


And it gets me thinking…

Do we all really need to be so Grand?

Is anyone really as Grand as their InstaFaux or FakeBook makes them out to be? Or perhaps we are actually even Grander than that, but in the process of trying to show the world how Grand we are, we actually diminish our Grandness?

I have realised that I have been trying to bolster myself to share from a place that I am not comfortable with. Somewhere along the line, I bought into the idea that in order to be Valuable, I needed to be Grand. I am ever witnessing Bold and Courageous shares, promotion and offerings from Others. In the current wave of fragility washing through my life, the witness of these Magnificent Others has been dropping me into feeling despondent, diminishing the value of my own Unique.

I am a big believer in meeting our edges and growing through discomfort, and have been Push Push Pushing myself to meet these edges and Grow Grow Grow. I have been Pushing myself to be more, share more, be more this or that… to basically.... Be. More. Extraordinary… and it stresses the Bejeezus out of me! I come away feeling Less Than, with an ache in my gut that keeps Calling me Foetal and self talk that violent in it’s assertion that I am not enough.

But what if there was a softer, more organic way for me? For us? For those who dance this dance with continual fluctuations in self worth?

What if we were to Know that we are already Extraordinary?

What if we were to start to look through a lens of Deep Alignment to Our Own Unique Way?

For me, it might be that I begin to accept that I am not a Yell From the Roof Tops kind of person and that my value is Quieter in its Presence? What if I was to soften into an understanding that it is ok for my offerings look and feel different from those Louder Voices?

<p>What if I was to soften into an understanding that it is ok that my offerings look and feel different?</p>

What if I was to soften into an understanding that it is ok that my offerings look and feel different?


What if we were to open our hearts to loving ourselves so deeply, that we didn’t base our Value on a Voice - Loud or Soft - that comes through a Cyber Portal? What if we simply Knew It?

What if I was to just take a Big Breath and be a Bit More Gentle with myself? Could I then open to a deeper knowing of my innate worth and value? Could you? Could we?

As I open to this possibility and a deeper kindness within myself, I call forth the words of John O’Donohue for all of us who dance this dance of worth...

'When the canvas frays in the currach of thought and a stain of ocean blackens beneath you, may there come across the waters a path of yellow moonlight to bring you safely home. May the nourishment of the earth be yours, may the clarity of light be yours, may the fluency of the ocean be yours, may the protection of the ancestors be yours. And so may a slow wind work these words of love around you, an invisible cloak to mind your life.’

John O’Donohue

And from my heart to yours - may your self-love deepen to hold your hearts softest whisper and your souls feather light nudges... and may you ever know your Magnificence.

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