If You've Ever Been Judged As A Mom, This Video Is For You


Following up on their mega-viral "Sisterhood of Motherhood" ad, Similac just released a powerful video about judgment and the "mommy wars."

Directed by Academy Award winner Cynthia Wade, the video offers a glimpse into the daily lives and routines of seven moms with young babies. The moms represent a variety of experiences -- from single motherhood to gender-neutral parenting to breastfeeding, pumping and formula-feeding.

When the moms all come together, they unpack their differences, admit to their judging and work to #EndMommyWars -- which is the title of the seven-minute video.

"We want to transform mommy wars into mommy support by changing the conversation," Similac's Brand Director, Misha Pardubicka-Jenkins, told The Huffington Post.

“This film is extremely personal to me because as a mom I know firsthand how painful parental judgment can be," added Wade. "I made this film because I want to end the judgment. Despite our differences as moms, I believe that we can create a community where we really support each other.”

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