Definitive Proof HIM Is The Most Disturbing Villain In Cartoon History

HIM Is The Most Disturbing Villain

In celebrating the 15th anniversary of Cartoon Network's "Powerpuff Girls," we think of adorably badass heroes, brilliantly campy fight scenes ... and the most terrifying villain to ever take a bath on the small screen.

Yes, HIM, the original He Who Should Not Be Named, a version of the devil so wholly terrifying, it's enough to forget he was one of the first plausibly transgender characters on television. Here to haunt your nightmares and make you wonder how any of this was on a child's cartoon: definitive proof that HIM is the most disturbing cartoon villain of all time.

Simply HIM's name contains the forces of evil.
When he is first introduced on the show, it is said that HIM is "so sinister, so evil, so scary, so horribly vile that even the utterance of his name strikes fear into the hearts of men."

It is frequently implied that HIM is the devil.
When not in a bathtub, playing with his stuffed duck Quakers, HIM is often featured in a fiery realm, which is quite clearly intended to be hell. At the very least, he is a demon, capable of much of what we would expect from the modern understanding of the devil.


Fear only makes HIM more powerful.
He has the power of Negative Feelings Empowerment, which means that the negative feelings of others only strengthen HIM. Pain, hatred and fear all only serve to make HIM stronger.


HIM's "true form" is associated with the apocalypse.
The episode "Speed Demon" reveals HIM's true form in an alternate universe, which appears to be the end of the world. He is monstrous beast, who is all too easily capable of defeating our young heroes.


HIM can speak through inanimate objects ... and children's toys.
He first appears in "Octi Evil" when contacting Bubbles through her stuffed animal, Octi. By the time Bubbles is keen to what is happening, her beloved doll is fully possessed, has grown to an enormous size and is attempting to destroy Townsville.


HIM possesses a intensely strong telekinetic ability.
He is seen moving water tower with his mind in "The Powerpuff Girls Rule," but that's child's play compared to "Custody Battle," when he pushes the sun away from the earth.


HIM is able to resurrect the dead.
In "The Boys Are Back In Town," HIM brings Mojo Jojo's Rowdyruff Boys back to life. Since they are male equivalants of the girls, they are their most well-matched opponent.

HIM has no clear motives for "hating" the Powerpuff Girls.
Unlike MoJo JoJo, who is out for money and power, HIM simply wants to harm the girls out of some deep-seated maliciousness.

HIM is the one villain who the Powerpuff Girls truly fear.
In the episode "Telephonies," the Powerpuff Girls suspect Mojo, Fuzzy and HIM of a series of prank calls. However, they only attack the former two villains, suggesting they know the danger that HIM presents.


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