Prabhainjana Dwivedi, Miami-Dade Police Officer, Arrested For Sexually Harassing Women Drivers During Stops (VIDEO)

A Miami-Dade police officer has been arrested for unlawfully detaining female drivers during his midnight shift last summer in order to have "sexually suggestive conversations."

The FBI says during one such traffic stop, 33-year-old Prabhainjana Dwivedi told a woman to show him pictures of her breasts on her phone before asking to see scars left by enhancement surgery -- and then followed her to her home, where he spent over an hour telling her about his personal life.

In a separate incident, he allegedly pulled a woman's shirt down to see her breasts and unzipped his pants while questioning her at her car on Key Biscayne.

Another woman was made to move into the backseat of Dwivedi's patrol car and "perform various inappropriate movements." She told investigators he then made her pull the zipper on the front of her dress down, all while being held in a remote location downtown for an hour and 20 minutes.

According to the arrest affidavit, Dwivedi pulled the woman with the breast enhancements over for a second time a month later. She called police before he arrived at her car, leaving the phone line open for officers to listen in. Investigators say he wrongfully accused her of driving over road bumps before making small talk, asking about her job, and letting her go.

The FBI says in none of the cases did Dwivedi alert dispatchers as he was making a stop, run criminal history or license checks on the drivers, issue citations or include the stops on his daily activity logs.

In an ensuing surveillance sting, Dwivedi pulled over an undercover female officer, who reported he "was flashing his light onto her breasts and between her legs while at her vehicle. [He] later asked the undercover officer to exit her vehicle and stand at his passenger door. Dwivedi then began asking the undercover officer questions, requiring her to bend down into his vehicle, apparently where he could view the undercover officer's cleavage."

Dwivedi, a seven-year veteran of the MDPD, is charged with violating the women's civil rights by unreasonable search and seizure. According to the Miami Herald, he posted $150,000 bond after being arrested at police headquarters Wednesday.