Practical Advice To Help You Be Your BEST Self

The desire to become your best self and reach your highest potential is a buzz-worthy topic as of late, while self-help heroes take over Instagram feeds and are self-publishing their ideas. And this is very good news for a culture in multitudes of turmoil, because bringing about social change starts with personal change. The more we can share tips and advice on how a person can be true to who they really are, the better (thanks internet!).

I believe that one of the most valuable pieces of self help advice you can ever get is this: We’re always working towardsomething, even when we don’t always realize it. We’re always in motion, just as time and evolution and our age and everything in this universe is, we are always moving toward one thing or another: getting old, working toward goals, deteriorating, running away from the past, working toward the future…. Even denial is working toward something (numbness). Our every move, every thought, every decision and every choice makes an impact on whatwill or won’t come our way. When we let negative self-talk exist on our minds, we’re working toward depression and self sabotage. When we are diligent about staying positive, working hard, and believing in our own power, we’re working toward building a life that reflects our purpose. Big or small, in everyday habits and one-time actions, they all work together, linking somewhere along the lines of our life story. Hopefully that lets you see the power you have in every moment of your day.

So if you’re heart has been begging for clarity lately, if your mind’s eye has become clouded and blurred, if you have the strange and disruptive feeling that your soul has been sedated, start asking questions. Start asking questions that can only be answered with clear, concise and brutal honesty.

If you’re not working toward better:

better health, deeper relationships, bigger joys, brighter contributions;

what are you working toward?

If your not striving to be your best self…

what version of yourself are you working toward?

And most importantly…where are you headed?

These are tough questions. The kind of cringing question that makes one really analyze what kind of missteps your committing each and every day. It requires that you become responsible for your life, the life you’re living right now. It requires that you be so honest with yourself, you see the gore and the glory, the rips in the canvas and yet the entire portrait of your own beautiful life. But answering is the only way to get where we want to be, because it’s the only way to get a clear, honest and truthful assessment of how you’re living, and whether it’s serving you. You can’t know the answers if you never ask the question.

This is the kind of cringe worth every bit discomfort. Don’t shy away from this kind of self-improving work.

Find the Truth About Your Best Self: You want answers? Just ask:

– Friendships, Relationships and Colleagues

Are you bringing the kind of team-player and partner that will help them be better too? That you will be proud to have been when your life ends?

Work, Contributions, Hobbies

Are you building the kind of legacy and lasting memory that will help people live better lives after you’re gone? Are you making something new and beautiful in this world?

– Health and Body Confidence

Are you respecting your body? Are you cherishing it, treating it will, giving it what it needs? Are you strengthening it or damaging it?

– Self Expression and Creativity

Are you willing to be brave enough to express who you truly are through your actions? Through your wardrobe, your art, your interactions, your demeanor?

And, most importantly, what changes can you make today, this week, or this month to better these areas and begin on a path toward not just better, but your BEST self?

Rachael Yahne is an award-winning blogger and writer; her work has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls, The Seattle Times, The Newport Miner, and more. She is also a cancer survivor.

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