9 Practical Gifts For Expecting Moms That She Will Actually Use

Give the pregnant woman in your life something she'll actually find useful.

Gifts come in many forms, so when it comes to finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift for the newly pregnant lady in your life, practicality may be key.

There will be plenty of time for sentimental gifts once the baby is born, but how about gifting an expecting mom something to help her through those months when almost everything is changing in new and exciting ways?

Whether it’s a gift card to encourage her to buy some quality maternity clothes, or some beauty refills to make sure she’s pampering herself, it’s the perfect holiday to make sure your mama-to-be is comfortable and well cared for.

To help give you gift ideas that an expecting mom will actually use, I’ve rounded up a few items I was gifted and a few items I purchased myself during the first half of pregnancy that made it a little more manageable. Though some may seem a little odd as a gift, (hello, cotton undies!), they just might be a game-changer for your pregnant partner or friend.

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A pregnancy pillow to help her get through the night.
I assumed at first that I'd make do with the pillows I had, but it was not long before I learned that my nights would be better if I just took the advice to get a pillow designed specifically for pregnant women. The PharMeDoc Pregnancy Pillow has over 4,000 reviews and a nearly 5-star rating on Amazon and offers support in all the right places when trying to get comfortable. Get it on Amazon.
A bundle of new skin care for changing skin.
Pregnancy can wreak havoc on some women's skin, and the typical go-to products may not work as they once did. Or, if you're like me and very lucky, your skin may improve. Either way, a refill on an expecting mom's favorite beauty product, or a gift set like this Drunk Elephant The Littles Set can be just the self-care relaxation kit she needs. Get it at Sephora.
Sensible shoes for when things start to expand.
It's no surprise that a woman's feet may change shape during her pregnancy. Whether they actually grow in size or just swell up towards the end, a sensible pair of shoes that can grow with you may be key. A friend recommended I get myself a pair of Birkenstocks (or any adjustable sandal, for that matter) that will expand if and when my feet do. Get them at Zappos.
Some reading material that won't freak her out.
There is virtually an endless supply of books and blogs to read about getting pregnant, being pregnant and what to do after you're pregnant. I found the books I liked best came from personal recommendations from the women I trusted, and "Expecting Better" by Emily Oster was the very top of almost every recommendation list. Oster dives into the why behind the restrictions we place on pregnant women, without overloading you with scary information. Get it on Amazon.
Comfortable undies... because they're worth it.
Undies may feel a bit personal to give as a gift, but there's almost nothing worse than wearing underwear that doesn't quite fit any longer. If you're comfortable enough with the mom-to-be, do her a very crucial solid and buy her a few pairs of comfortable, cotton undies. You can choose specific maternity pairs or just some standard briefs, like these Gap High Rise Bikinis, in a size or two bigger. She will definitely thank you. Get them at Gap.
A gift card for some quality maternity clothes.
Westend61 via Getty Images
I made the mistake of trying to go the frugal route and bought a very cheap pair of maternity jeans. Within 25 minutes of wearing them, I knew it was a mistake. They were uncomfortable and wouldn't stay in place, plus the quality was awful. Splurging on a quality pair of maternity jeans wasn't what my wallet wanted, but it was what my body needed. If you're not sure what the expecting mom in your life needs, try a gift card to a quality maternity brand like A Pea In The Pod , so she's more likely to treat herself to something she really needs.
An easily digestible read that will be a great reference throughout her pregnancy.
There is certainly no shortage of rules during pregnancy, but the real question is how many do you follow? Because things are constantly changing, what was a steadfast rule a few years ago may be entirely different now. This new, easily digestible read, "The New Rules of Pregnancy" has been a great point of reference for questions and has not been the information overload some other pregnancy books can feel like. This is a great gift for the expecting mom who maybe isn't a bookworm, but still wants a guide book for her journey. Get it on Amazon.
A temperature-regulated bottle so she always has ice-cold water on hand.
A water bottle may seem like an odd gift to give, but it sure is practical. I became very particular about the temperature of my water once I was pregnant -- while room-temperature water used to be fine for me, now it needed to be ICE cold. An insulated, large sized bottle like this SimpleModern 25-ounce metal bottle would make for a great gift. Get it on Amazon.
A nice pair of pajamas.
Pajamas were something I thought I could squeak by without turning to the maternity variety. That may have been true for a good bit of time, but there was something delightful about slipping into a soft, comfy pair of pajamas that didn't pull, tug or twist in places. My maternity pajamas are a joy to me every time I put them on. Get them at Motherhood Maternity.