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20 Practical Home Finds On Amazon Under $20

Amazon purchases every home needs.

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Every practical home needs these affordable Amazon finds.
Every practical home needs these affordable Amazon finds.

It’s easy to get stuck into a home routine. You use the same products, get used to the sight of mail piling up by the front door, and don’t notice the even taller pile of clothes stacked on the chair in your bedroom. Figuring out clever ways tackle your clutter zones can be time consuming and costly, but it doesn’t have to be.

There are cheap ways to make your home tidier, more organizer and all-around smarter. We’ve pulled together kitchen gadgets, closet organizers, practical finds and space-savers on Amazon that every home needs.

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Below, 20 practical home finds on Amazon under $20:

Reusable Silicone Food Bags
Ditch plastic bags for these reusable alternatives. They're dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer and microwave save. Get them here.
Power Perch
This smart gadget is a small-bathroom godsend. Use it to give yourself just a little extra counter space for those tools you use every day, or add one to your kitchen where you charge your phone to keep it clear of possible spills and messes. Get it here.
Wearable Nail Polish Holder
While this isn't necessarily a home find, it's a useful find that'll make one home task -- doing your nails -- SO much easier. This clever design grips your polish bottle so you don't have to risk smudging your finished job. Get it here.
Over-The-Door Trash Bag Holder
If you don't have space for a recycling bin, this is a a smart way to make space where it didn't exist before. You can even use it in a small bathroom as a clever trash can. Get it here.
Bee's Wrap Reusable Food Wrap
Ditch plastic wrap in favor of this reusable, eco-friendly wrap made of organic cotton and bee's wax. Just don't use too hot of water when cleaning it, or it'll destroy the waxiness of the paper. Get it here.
Kitchen Sink Sponge Holder
Extend the life of your sponges by keeping them out of your dirty sink. This suction sponge holder will keep your clean sponge away from your dirty dishes. Get it here.
Reusable Silicon Food Saver Huggers
Make your half-used produce live longer with the food savers. They're dishwasher safe and BPA-free. Get them here.
Silicone Scrubbers
These reusable scrubbers can be used all around the kitchen. Use them as vegetable brushes, pan scrubbers, pot grippers and even coasters. Get them here.
Under-Shelf Lighting
An easy and really inexpensive way to upgrade your kitchen is to add under-shelf lighting below your cabinets. It'll give your kitchen a luxe feel, but without a luxe price tag. Get them here.
Over-The-Door Organizer
Though ideal for storing coats, bags and other accessories, this over-door organizers is also great for storing your half-worn clothes that your normally pile on a chair in your bedroom. Get it here.
Closet And Garage Organizer
Get those brooms, mops, rakes and tools off your floors and neatly organizer them with this handle organizer. Get it here.
Spicy Shelf
The Spicy Shelf spice rack is perhaps one of the most innovative and useful spice storage solutions out there. It creates two elevated rows of spice storage that sits along the perimeter of your spice cabinet, freeing up the middle area for larger pantry staples like oil, vinegar, sugar, flour, and canned goods, and more. Get it here.
Rug Gripper
You don't realize the importance of a rug gripper until you don't have one. Whether it's for a new entryway rug or a huge area rug, a gripper will prevent you from having to rearrange it every morning. Plus, it makes vacuuming much easier. Get it here.
Dish Drying Mat
This is easily one of the best and least expensive purchases you can make for your kitchen. It's much more absorbent than your average kitchen towel, and even comes in extra large sizes for big kitchens. Get it here.
Cedar Clothes Protectors
Despite the name, these cedar closet protectors are useful for more than moths. Place a few of them in your closet to prevent musty smells and all-around closet stuffiness. The sachets are useful even in dresser drawers. Get them here.
Magnetic Knife Holder
This magnetic knife strip mounts easily to your kitchen wall easily. Even the smallest of kitchens can make do with this tool. Get it here.
Nail Polish Organizer
You don’t realize how much nail polish you have until you store it all. Make sure your favorite colors are easily within reach with this multi-level nail polish organizer. Get it here.
Entryway Organizer
The key to a tidy home is creating storage solutions for the spaces that are always cluttered, which includes your entryway. This mail organizer and key holder will keep your essentials tidy and easy to find. Get it here.
Countertop Bamboo Wine Rack
Even if you don't drink much wine, on those rare occasions when you have a bottle or two on hand for guests, you'll want a neat way to keep them organized rather than taking up a corner of your counter. Get this bamboo wine rack here.
Velvet Hangers
Slim velvet hangers are the only hanger you need in your closet, seriously. They're slim so you can fit more hangers than with other styles, and the velvet texture prevents clothes from slipping off. Get them here.
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