26 Practical Amazon Prime Day Deals That’ll Make Life Easier

Now’s the perfect time to stock up on all those things that make your life just a little bit better.

We waded through the mountains of bargains for you and found some of the best deals in every category. FYI — deals move quickly on Prime Day. We’ll do our best to keep this post and imagery as up-to-date as possible, but we can’t catch everything immediately. Check back throughout Prime Day to see our latest updates as the deals change!

Note: To get these deals you have to be a Prime member, so if you aren’t already, sign up for a free 30 day trial here.

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An electric pressure washer for 47% off
Promising review: "This has been one of the best investments we as homeowners have made. This little guy gets the job done; countless things have been cleaned since we bought it three years ago. My favorite is our backyard pavers. The cord may not be long enough for some users depending on how big the space you are washing is, but for us it works just fine. Highly recommend!" —BSanchez
A box of Crest 3D Whitestrips for 35% off
One box comes with enough regular strips for 20 treatments and two sets of one-hour express strips for when you want extra quick results for a special event/just feel like making Chip Skylark jealous. The reviewer's results above were after just four treatments!

Promising review: "These are the best. They do a great job of whitening and do not cause any pain to the teeth at all! Easy to use and do not make a sticky mess. I will never use another brand or product for whitening!" —Nicole
A pair of Blink mini indoor security cameras for 54% off
To give you added peace of mind when you're out of the house. This cameras create a livestream of your home that you can watch any hour of the day, notifies you when there's motion detected, and has two-way audio — which means you can tell your pet how much you love 'em (or remind them to get off the couch!) even when you're away.

Promising review:
"SO...I rarely write reviews but was so amazed by this camera I wanted to let others know. I bought the camera after using the Ring indoor camera for twice the price and it made a constant clicking noise with the filter adjustment to light in the room. that was a known issue Ring told me and not a defect. I've tried all the other brands out there WYZE, etc and disappointed with all. Then I tried the Blink Mini which I thought was a good price. The setup was a breeze, up and running in 30 seconds. The app is responsive and user friendly. My wifi is sloooow but it still loaded a 1080p HD quality view when I accessed it from my mobile app. My favorite feature is the night vision. All my previous cameras just showed a dark room or shadows but this camera shows a clear and crisp picture in pitch black darkness. Very pleased with this and you can't go wrong here. My two year indoor camera journey has come to an end here." —Tech Guru
A famous Little Green upholstery cleaner for 30% off
Promising review: "Yep! TikTok made me buy it and I loved it. Things definitely look cleaner. Spots on my carpet are gone, and my car seats look brand-new for the first time since I bought it! Directions are easy. Just a heads-up, MAKE SURE TO USE WARM WATER. If you leave water in it and it gets cold, it's not as effective, so just follow instructions and it should be wonderful!" —Carlos
A Oral-B Genius X Limited electric toothbrush that's 50% off
Promising review: "Amazing clean. I was at first hesitant to spend that much on a toothbrush but it’s worth every penny. It works at least 10x better than my $20 Oral B electronic toothbrush. The motion sensing is very cool and helpful. After just one brush my teeth feel almost like they do after a professional cleaning as opposed to how they felt after brushing with my cheap electronic toothbrush." —Anne E Perla
A large-capacity Shark NV360 Delux vacuum for 45% off
Promising review: "One of the reviews I read had this vacuum beating a $500.00 model. I now believe it. My wife and I have both noticed that our carpet is now softer feeling. The swivel 'steering' makes for easy control. The sound is so much quieter than our old one that our dog now walks away instead of running into the next room! The first time I used it, I had to empty it five times as it got up so much more dog hair, etc. than our old one. This is one fine vacuum." —David L. Howell
A Trtl neck pillow for up to 44% off that'll actually support your neck
Promising review: "I am a terrible flyer who recently took the red-eye from Dubai to Chicago (15 hours). The Trtl Pillow was a mini lifesaver! I was able to comfortably rest my head on the support and felt warm enough to actually doze off....a rare accomplishment for this skittish flyer. The Velcro works wonderfully with regards to adjustment, and I liked wrapping the fabric around my mouth and nose. Sort of felt cozy...even if I did look like a ninja in a neck brace! Overall, this product has changed the way that I fly, and I am so thankful for this invention and the opportunity to support a small company with big ideas." —S.Viruly
A reusable pet hair-removing roller for 20% off
Promising review: "We live in a household that contains two humans, two dogs, and two cats. It's a real Noah's Ark furnished with a black sectional couch. Our dogs absolutely hate the vacuum. So much so they will attack the cleaner head with their vicious bite even before we power it on. This makes the task of cleaning our couch extremely unpleasant and nearly impossible. Thanks to ChomChom, we no longer have this problem! With a simple, quick, SOUNDLESS sweep, we're able to keep our couch pet-hair-free in blissful peace. This tool does an amazing job picking up pet hair but not so much with crumbs. We were so impressed, we gifted these as Christmas presents for all of our pet-loving friends." —Magpie
A digital food thermometer for 56% off
Promising review: "First, this is a FAST reacting and easy-to-use thermometer. No buttons to turn it on or off. Just flip the probe out or plug in the wired probe and it turns on. Flip it in or unplug and it turns off. The instructions say you can calibrate it. Used it straight out of the box and it didn't quite read what we felt it should based on our experience with meat, so I calibrated it using their instructions and then set the probe inside a gel pack in my freezer. The freezer is supposed to be at 10 below zero Fahrenheit. The thermometer finally settled in at negative nine, so I would say the calibration worked pretty good." —Michael
A bestselling Fire TV Stick for 58% off
Promising review: "Love this! It's nice to only have one remote again! Works perfectly with the TV, and it has my favorite apps as shortcut buttons. Setup was quick, easy, and straightforward." —PigMamma
A waterproof electric groin hair trimmer for 30% off
Promising review: "The packaging Is well designed and simple for smaller bathroom storage. Comes with a charging stand with detached cable and plug as well as a cloth bag which would be great for travel. Light and streamlined functionality and great protection of your special parts! Been looking at this brand for a while and finally got this option. Compared to other competitors, this one has a better quality that’s worth the price." —Donald Plungis
An automatic food dispenser for 36% off
Promising review: "The mechanism is so quiet, it makes no more sound than I did when I would feed her manually. Add that to the programmable portion sizes and meal schedule, and this actually solves *two* of my problems: my cat’s desire to have breakfast at 5 AM and her tendency to eat too much and then throw up. I can set this to give her a half-portion at 5 and then follow it up a few hours later with a second half-portion to get her through to dinner. All the wins!" —Chris Galbreath
An Echo Dot with voice-control technology for 60% off
Promising review: "We waited years to purchase one of these gadgets thinking we'd have no use for it. Boy, did that turn out to be an untruth. The Echo Dot sits in our kitchen and accepts voice commands from most of the rooms in our house. Now, we use Alexa for everything, from music while cooking and cleaning, to asking random questions while watching TV to inquire if an actor is dead or alive. The sound quality is very good, and we love all of the 'hands free' options it supports. We are very satisfied with this purchase." —doormold
A massage gun for up to 68% off
Promising review: "I was looking for something to deal with my chronic and debilitating sciatic nerve pain. I saw someone use a similar device at my gym and decided to give it a shot. It has been short of a miracle. I have been using it daily after work when I am most stressed and along with gentle stretches, it has helped SO much. This one was fairly priced, the size is perfect for me to carry it in my bag after long car rides, and there are different speeds, which I also like. I'm really happy with it. My husband is too." —Eileen Fuentes
Some Dawn Powerwash starter kit for 30% off
Because if you haven't tried this magical product yet, now is the time. Just spray on, and let it BLAST through tough grease and baked-on messes so you don't "have" to let dishes "soak" in the sink overnight. Every dish will be done in record time.

Promising review:
"I had my doubts as rave reviews are usually over-exaggerations, but not this time. This thing is MAGICAL. Literally cleans everything with a spray. I have hard water at my place, and soap scum build up is quite bad in my bathtub and shower glass doors. The only thing that would get rid of it was a mixture of vinegar and dawn and the use elbow grease, but not anymore! No more of that shenanigan! With this Powerwash, I just spray, wait a couple minutes, and wipe, and literally all the soap scrum is completely gone. I am left with spotless shower glass doors AND shiny faucets. I spray this stuff on everything that is hard to clean. Sticky stuff like stickers, labels? Spray, wait, wipe. Poof it's gone. Sticky stuff like food residue on dishes or your oven, oil on top of or around your stove and/or cabinet? Spray, wait, wipe. Poof it's gone.Soap scrum, yellow tubs, oily tools, spotty hand prints on fridge? Say no more. Spray, wait, wipe. Poof it's gone. Dirty tires, rims? Yup, spray, wait, wipe, poof it's gone! I have successfully used this magical cleaner on all of the above. Hope my review helps!" —Es
An Instant Pot Duo with an air-frying lid for 30% off
Promising review: "I had a different brand of a pressure cooker, but knew there was a lot of hubbub about Instant Pots and their new air fryer lids. My friend mentioned there was this newer model that doubled as an air fryer/roaster, and I got one! This machine is incredible — I'm being honest. We roast vegetables for almost every dinner and this air fryer lid shaves half the time off that process and doesn't make the entire kitchen hot. Our oven takes about 10–12 minutes to get to the right temperature, then roasts for 20 minutes, then takes another hour to cool down. The air fryer option on the Instant Pot takes about 2 minutes to heat up, only needs to cook for about 10–12 minutes tops, then cools down very quickly. It's truly a fraction of the time and frees up the oven for the main course!" —Lisa M.
Or a smart air fryer for $40 off you can *control from your phone*
And it doesn't just air fry! It can bake or roast so you can whip up a batch of cinnamon rolls without waiting for your oven to preheat. Not sure where to start? Check out the recipe booklet (with more online!) that comes with.

Promising review: "Purchase this Air-Fryer. I did all the research for you. I spent three days researching air fryers pouring over hundreds of reviews, specs and videos. Very convenient. I purchased for my 70+ year old mother's birthday on August 27, 2019. Although mom was a great cook, she no longer enjoys the hassle of cooking now. But this Cosori air fryer has reunited her joy for cooking. She enjoys trying the many recipes included with the device as well as going on Google to find new recipes. Chicken Thighs and chicken wings are big hit. I actually prefer the wings from the air fryer than any restaurant wings. Even shrimp came out great. I worried the texture of vegetables such as squash and zucchini would not do well but I was wrong. The vegetables were great as well. The preset cooking settings make cooking super simple. The shake alarm is really helpful because it's important to turn food to prevent burning and ensure even cooking. I highly recommend this new model of the Cosori air fryer. It's basket is relatively larger than others in same price range so you can cook more at same time." —Happy Customer
A Roomba robot vacuum for 40% off
Promising review: "So far it is amazing! It picks up SO much dirt and hair. We have three dogs and a cat and my floors are spotless. We decided to get this cheaper one to see if it was something that would work for us and I am amazed! For the first week, we let it run everyday. We made sure we picked everything up and it only got stuck one time and that was because it went behind our couch that had been moved out accident. During week two, I did the maintenance on it and it was super simple. We use it every other day and have it schedule to run just before we get home. This thing even picks up cat litter! If you are on the fence, try it. Has made my life so much easier not having to sweep everyday!" —Kathryn P.
A large pet booster seat for 60% off
Promising review: "I will just start off saying that our 9 month old 15 pound Shichon puppy loves his new carseat. Before purchasing it he either rode in his crate or on a passenger's lap. He would get anxious both ways. The first time he rode in his new seat he was calm and acted so big and smart looking at all of the new sights. And he relaxes and lays down when he wants to nap. I debated buying a less expensive one. But after researching chose this one and so glad I did. It has a built up platform that is buckled onto the carseat the same way a baby carseat is installed. It is very tightly in place and no sliding or slipping occurs. This is not suspended off of the headrest with space between the bottom of it and the car's actual seat the way most others are and the reason why it seems safer and sturdier. If you want your doggy to sprawl when resting buy the large as I did. It has an extra harness strap for those brave enough to own two pups! This is one of my favorite Amazon purchases." —Betty A. Reed
A dentist-recommended WaterPik for up to 55% off
Promising review: "I ordered the Aquarius model and have used it twice-daily for a week. Guess what? No more bleeding gums! And after every use, my mouth feels like it was cleaned by a dental hygienist. Love, love, love this thing, and it's super easy to use! After reading numerous reviews here, I have to say that it makes a low, vibrating noise when in use, but it's not loud. Buy one. You'll love it. I'll never be without a WaterPik again!" —Nancy A. Keller
A queen-sized cooling mattress topper for up to 41% off if
Promising review: "We were looking for something soft and fluffy to help balance out the stiffness of our mattress. I’m so glad I went with this one! First off, it came in a very nice package. Upon receiving this, I washed it and dried with dryer balls. Let it finish air drying the rest of the day before putting it over the mattress and under the fitted sheet. Now I can’t get out of bed. No more hip pain or back pain. Now I can’t wait til the end of day to jump on, and am pulled out by my daughter to make breakfast in the morning. Love it so much!" —Calvin
A TikTok-famous pink cleaning paste for 40% off
It's made up of cleaning beads suspended in a gel, so it'll grind away at tough stains without damaging the surface beneath. It's suitable for use on most hard surfaces like ceramic tiles, barbecues, pots, pans, and more!

Promising review: "I used this product for my stove because it's one thing I dislike cleaning. I have used multiple degreaser sprays and they all are so toxic and don't work for me. The Magic Eraser was OK but I used several at a time and I had to scrub so hard. But this product oh my goodness, legit a miracle. It doesn't have any type of smell. I put the paste on a cloth, clean the area, then wipe it off with a damp cloth and voilà, magic!" —May
A bottle of nail and cuticle care oil for 30% off
Promising review: "I had peeling, weak nails for years. Tried everything. I bought this in February. This size bottle lasted a bit more than a month with me religiously applying it two to three times a day. I was really seeing great improvement, so I bought another bottle in late March. By May, all the peeling had grown out and my nails were getting stronger every day. I then bought the big 4-ounce refill bottle because I never want to run out of it again! Cannot recommend this stuff enough!" —Diana
A five-pack of micro-mesh underwear that are up to 59% off f
Promising review: "This underwear is exactly what it says, ultra soft and breathable, soooooo comfortable so I ordered 2 more packs the day after I received the first order." —ruth
A pack of Fruit of the Loom cotton undershirts
Promising review: "I have bought these several times now. The quality is consistent. These are good basic white undershirts. Not too thin, stay flat, and long enough that they stay tucked in all day. Cheaper Fruit of the Loom shirts were too wide and too short. But these really are premium and I am more than happy." —darthgumby
A quiet, energy-efficient Levoit air purifier for 30% off
It removes odors, has three fan speeds and timer settings, plus an *optional* night light so you can keep it in your room without disturbing your Chamber of Complete Darkness.

Promising review: "We have three different Levoit air purifiers. This model is one of the noisiest. With that being said it actually does the job. The home we live in has a constant dust problem. Before I was having to dust every three days. So far I haven’t had the need to dust. I’m super excited, It’s been 11 days! The location of this purifier is in the boys room 12x13. Works well to get all the teenage smells out. Lol. My son likes to turn all lights off and have it running. That was a feature I didn't know it had. It’s a keeper!" —lopez

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