Beyond The Selfie -- 10 Practical Uses For Your Camera

Everyone knows the camera in your smartphone is handy for snapping selfies and taking pictures of your latest culinary masterpiece, but having a camera on you 24/7 has practical uses, too.

As we get older our minds are cluttered with important bits of information and life experiences. No wonder we hesitate at times to recall the name of that movie, or worse yet, who won the Super Bowl last year--unless of course it was your home team.

When reviewing my pictures, I'm amazed at how many I take to supplement my memory--or just make life a little easier.

Here are some of my recent pictures that are beyond the selfie:

1 -- Parking lot at airport; to remember where the car is parked after a long trip (or a short one).


2 -- Labels with small print; so microscopic the only chance you have to read it is by taking a picture and enlarging it.


3 -- Paint can lid; to document the paint colors you've used throughout your house as you're tossing out paint cans that dried out years ago.


4 -- Appliance model number; to prevent the painful pulling out of the refrigerator when it's in need of repair.


5 -- Product label at the store; to capture the dimensions of that vanity before bringing it home and discovering it doesn't fit.


6 -- Recipe ingredient list; to review when at the grocery store and when in too much of a hurry to make a list.


7 -- Wine labels; when it's so good you know you'll have trouble remembering it the next day.


8 -- Driving directions; to capture that tricky part of the directions you'll want handy even if you don't have cell service.


9 -- Article from a magazine; to prevent mutilating that doctor's office magazine.


10 -- Trail map; to capture trail details you can reference along the trail -- like the way back to the car.


How about you? Do you have pictures on your phone you took to make things a little easier to remember or make life easier? Let me know in the comments below.

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