Lea Seydoux Flails Around For Prada Candy (VIDEO)

Most perfume ads are sexy. Often uncomfortably so.

So we were surprised when, after producing a strangely sultry video for its Fall 2011 ready-to-wear line, Prada released this highly un-sexy clip for its new fragrance, Prada Candy.

Lea Seydoux, who Fashionista helpfully identified as a former American Apparel model and "Midnight in Paris" actress, jabs, jumps and flings herself at her attractive, black-clad dance partner in the video. She also lets her skirt fly up quite often, revealing a pair of bunchy, too-big panties.

It's not a bad ad, per se -- it certainly expresses the bright, carefree vibe Prada was going for. But Seydoux's herky-jerky dancing and strange, monotone yelling is just a tad awkward to watch. And the panties -- oh, the panties.