Prada Store Manager Claims She Was Forced To Fire 'Old, Fat, Ugly' Employees

Senior retail manager for Prada Japan Rina Bovrisse claims that the CEO of Prada Japan Davide Sesia asked her to "eliminate" fifteen employees who were "old, fat, ugly, disgusting or not having the Prada look," the Daily Mail reports. Bovrisse also said she was told to lose weight and get a new hairdo. She is now suing Prada for discrimination and harassment.

After Sesia's visit last May, thirteen employees were transfered to other locations, but most of them ended up quitting instead. Bovrisse went on involuntary leave in November and pursued her lawsuit.

Bovrisse explained, "The level of harassment is beyond human understanding. My responsibility is to protect hard-working women and make sure their working environment is safe."

As of Saturday there was no settlement, The Japan Times reports:

The case was handled by an industrial tribunal, a streamlined system for resolving labor disputes without trial. If no settlement is reached through the tribunal, the parties involved can opt to proceed with a civil suit to seek a court ruling.

"I am planning to collect more witnesses and file a lawsuit as soon as possible," Bovrisse said, adding this process may take a month or two.

Prada wouldn't comment.