Prada SUES Ex-Employee Who Says She Was Told To Change Hair, Lose Weight

Prada has countersued a former employee who is suing the luxury brand for sexual harassment and unfair dismissal, the AFP reports. Prada Japan has taken Rina Bovrisse to the Tokyo District Court, seeking for $390,000 for hurting the company's image.

According to The Japan Times, four lawyers representing Prada Japan went to the opening day of the countersuit but neither the store's managers nor Bovrisse were present. Bovrisse wrote in an e-mail, "Prada Japan's countersuit infringes on human rights, as it threatens victims from telling the truth about what happened and scares women who want to speak out bravely."

Back in March, Bovrisse, then a former senior retail manager for Prada Japan, claimed that the CEO of Prada Japan Davide Sesia asked her to "eliminate" fifteen employees who were "aged, ugly, fat, bad body shape, bad teeth, disgusting and not cute." Bovrisse herself was also told to change her hair and lose weight. She claims that when she complained, she was fired and is seeking $685,000 in damages for emotional distress caused by Prada. They couldn't settle out of court.