Watch Prairie Dogs Adorably Delay Baseball Game And Have A Field Day

"Only in North Dakota man," wrote the sports reporter who shared the video.

Prairie dogs delayed a high school baseball game in North Dakota, prompting some inspired song choices as the frisky critters ran amok. (Watch the video below.)

Only in North Dakota man,” KXMB sports reporter Luke Gamble tweeted.

Gamble’s video of the rodents taking the field in Saturday’s matchup between the Grafton Spoilers and Rugby Panthers has been getting some coverage in prominent media.

One prairie dog appears to get shooed off the field, but doesn’t leave. It stands defiantly on hind legs while Pat Benatar’s “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” plays on the loudspeaker.

The clip cuts to a play at third base, followed by two of the critters chasing each other in foul territory. One of them then runs toward first base. The first baseman lightheartedly attempts to field the animal as Blues Traveler’s “Run-Around” plays.

Rugby won the game 4-1, but the prairie dogs and the stadium DJ won the day.

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