Prairie View A&M Students March To Vote

(Via The Field) Founded in 1876, Prairie View A&M is a historically black university in Prairie View, Texas. The school is home to about eight thousand students, who study in a range of fields - most notably engineering, nursing and agriculture - and they have a famous marching band called the Marching Storm (which, as you'll soon see, is pretty appropriate).

As you might suspect, the student body represents a large constituency of Democratic party voters, and, that being the case, they don't have it easy. Texas Republicans, who run the electoral show, have historically gone out of their way to stymie Democratic voters. The whole state was gerrymandered out the yin-yang (if you recall, back in 2003, statehouse Democrats were forced to flee to Oklahoma in a futile attempt to block the GOP's redistricting plan) back in 2003.

For the students of Prairie View, the Republicans in the state located their "early-polling place more than seven miles from the school." As it turned out, this was just a minor inconvenience to a student body well-taught by their own Marching Storm.

And, that, I believe, is what democracy looks like.