'PrankvsPrank': Teens React To Hilarious Viral YouTube Series (VIDEO)

"Oh my God that was EPIC!"

Such is the typical teenager's response to the YouTube shenanigans of "PrankvsPrank," according to the latest video in the Fine Brothers' weekly "Teens React" series. The five-minute clip shows young people responding to the hilarious YouTube sensation, which describes itself as "'Jersey Shore' meets 'Jackass.'" Jesse and Jeana of PrankvsPrank -- the 67th most subscribed-to channel on YouTube -- are a pair who have been dating since 2007 and pranking each other for years. Watch the teens' hilarious reactions to the "craziest YouTube couple" in the clip above and find out how young people say they'd feel about being in a relationship based on crazy shenanigans.

One of the participants was enthusiatic about the possibility ("I think that's cute! It's a healthy relationship"), while others were a little, well, less enthused.

Check out the video and click here for more hilarious "Teens React" videos.

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