Pranksters Photobomb, High-Five Tourists At Leaning Tower Of Pisa In Italy (VIDEO)

We've all struck a silly pose in front of a notable landmark just to grab that cliche perfect picture.

Well, one group of pranksters decided to have a little fun and make a game out of those predictable sight-seeing moments.

Staked out in front of the leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy, the men excitedly run and high-five tourists standing with their hands in the air, pretending to hold up the monument.

While the victims are often caught off guard, they can't help but chuckle as the offenders run from the scene and on to the next unsuspecting target.

While the video evidence is sure to garner a few laughs, the concept isn't exactly new.

Bystanders have been photo-bombing snapshots at the must-see Italian locale for quite some time, whether it be with an enthusiastic high-five or an epic karate move.

Moral of the story?

Think twice before succumbing to tourist tendencies. And if not, make sure to pack your sense of humor.

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