Pras On Why Whitewashed Films Don't 'Win At The Box Office'

Grammy award-winning rapper Pras Michel has a problem with the whitewashing of Hollywood films.

The founding Fugees member sat down with host Roy Sekoff and shared his thoughts on the lack of diverse casting across films these days, speaking specifically about the new movie "Aloha," which has come under fire for its suspiciously white representation of Hawaii.

"You have a group of people who think they know what we want to see. So they make movies. They think middle America is going to pay [for] the tickets and want to see all white," he said.

But those filmmakers completely misjudge the typical American moviegoer, Michel added.

"There's a reason why a movie like 'Exodus' didn't win at the box office. And it's a reason why ['Aloha'] isn't going to win at the box office. It's because people want to see something real. They don't necessarily want to see [themselves] all the time. They want it to be authentic," he said.

Pras's new documentary "Sweet Micky for President” is slated to be screened at the L.A. Film Festival this year.

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