Prayer Book Of WWII Veteran Returned To Family 70 Years Later

It was found in New Zealand and returned safely to Pennsylvania.

A late World War II veteran's prayer book found in New Zealand was safely returned to his wife in suburban Philadelphia after 70 years.

WPVI-TV reports a military family living in New Zealand found Anthony DeFinis' military prayer missal with his name and military serial number written in the front.

Determined to return the book to its rightful owners, the family went to the U.S. Embassy, and now the prayer book is home in Newtown, Pennsylvania, with DeFinis' widow Patricia.

She says she was "totally shocked" to receive the book, which her family had no idea existed.

Anthony DeFinis was a medic in the U.S. Navy and the Marines. He served on Okinawa and was stationed in New Zealand following the end of his tour of duty.

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