Pre-K Teacher Under Fire After Telling Parents Their Kids Smell

Teacher Wants Parents To Know Their Kids Smell Terrible

A number of parents at a Buffalo, N.Y., school are upset after a pre-kindergarten teacher sent home a note regarding “unclean and unkept” students.

Earlier this month, pre-K teacher Sharon D. Perry Dunnigan accused several children of coming to school with “soiled, stained, or dirty clothes,” according to Buffalo News. The educator said it makes it "difficult for me to be close to them or even want to touch them.” The note, which BUILD Academy parents were asked to sign and return, called the issue a “health and safety concern.”


A number of parents and school board members have publicly complained about the letter. Now, the veteran teacher is being barred from sending letters to parents without the principal’s approval. Parents are also pressuring the school to take further disciplinary action against Dunnigan, according to the outlet.

“That’s not right, that’s not what we’re in school for,” parent Kimberly Wells told local outlet KTNV-TV. “She could have called a parent on the phone, she could have had a meeting at the school face-to-face.”

However, not everyone agrees that Dunnigan was in the wrong. A number of bloggers have come to the teacher’s defense.

“You know what? I can't say that I blame her. Kids should be clean when they go to school. Period,” The Stir’s Jeanne Sager wrote.

“If some parents don’t have the good sense to take better care of their kids, then all the other parents should know about it because the health of their kids is at risk too by other dirty smelly kids. Who knows what diseases they could spread in those conditions?” wrote conservative blogger Samuel Gonzalez.

The school did not immediately return The Huffington Post's request for comment.


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