Swedish Teen Sentenced After Incriminating Pre-Robbery Selfie

Two teenage girls might have gotten away with a robbery last March, if it weren't for an incriminating "selfie" they took moments before the crime.

The two unnamed girls, who are also cousins, used a smartphone to snap a picture of themselves clad in black balaclavas, holding a nearly 12-inch kitchen knife just before the robbery, The Independent reported.

On Friday, the older of the two teens was sentenced to juvenile detention for robbing a burger joint in southern Sweden last March and making off with nearly $400, according to the Swedish edition of news outlet The Local. The other girl was too young to be charged in the case.

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A court witness testified that one of the girls threatened restaurant staff and shouted "Give me the money or I'll stab you," per the International Business Times.

According to The Local, it took police just 47 minutes to track the girls down using a sniffer dog, which led police to the home of the older girl’s grandmother. Officers found a bag filled with the stolen money and the phone with the incriminating picture.

Upon her sentencing, the older girl told the court she had come from a difficult background and had been thrown out of her home. The Independent reported that she will receive help from a youth psychiatrist and that the court told her the sentencing would have been far worse had she been 18 years old.