One Thing You Didn't Notice In The Explosive 'Preacher' Premiere

Holy hell!

After months of anticipation and speculation, "Preacher" finally premiered on AMC on Sunday, and all we have to say is, "HOLY HELL!"

The show, based on the comic books, tells the story of a man named Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper). Custer has a mysterious, violent past and has moved back to his old hometown of Annville, Texas, to be a preacher.

In the premiere, we meet Custer's ex-girlfriend Tulip (Ruth Negga), who is introduced by killing a guy with an ear of corn and shooting down a helicopter. Custer also befriends a vampire named Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun), who takes out a bunch of religious fanatics trying to kill him before jumping out of a plane.

The show starts out in outer space, with a mysterious entity traveling to Earth. This unknown force possesses a number of religious figures, including Tom Cruise, unfortunately resulting in each person exploding. 

Sorry, Tom.

Eventually, the entity possesses Jesse Custer, who now has the ability to make people literally obey his commands (as demonstrated with one guy cutting out his heart after Custer repeatedly told him to "open" his heart).

The entity that possessed Custer is known in the comics as Genesis, the offspring of an angel and a demon. And if you listen closely during Genesis' appearance, you can hear one tiny detail you might've missed.

When Genesis is traveling to Earth, you can actually hear a baby crying in the background. This likely is a nod to the character's portrayal in comics (as a comet with a crying infant's face). We asked showrunner Sam Catlin ("Breaking Bad") about the detail in a recent interview. 

"It sounds like a baby crying, right?" said Catlin. "Well, I'll leave it up the viewers what that is or what that means, but, yeah, we came up with some sound design that’s supposed to evoke all sorts of things."

You can listen to the sound yourself by watching the opening of "Preacher," which AMC has online. 

This show is officially here to save you.

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