Seth Rogen Brings 'Preacher' Comic Series To AMC

Seth Rogen Brings 'Preacher' To AMC

Put on your Sunday best!

"Preacher," the popular Vertigo comic from the '90s is finally being adapted into a television series, with help from Seth Rogen, reports Deadline.

Rogen, along with his "This Is The End" co-director and screenwriter, Evan Goldberg, are bringing the fantastical religious epic to AMC. Sam Catlin, who previously worked on "Breaking Bad," will serve as executive producer and showrunner.

For those of you not trolling the comic shelves every Wednesday, the plot for "Preacher," as described by Empire magazine is: "A small-town preacher becomes possessed by the offspring of a demon and an angel, and sets off in search of the absentee Almighty to take issue with His management of the world."

So ... lighthearted viewing?

Seems like Jesse Custer (the Preacher) is the next perfect anti-hero to fill Walter White and Don Draper's shoes.

No word yet on when the show will debut.

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