Preakness 2013 Celebrities: Pitbull, Macklemore And More Come To Baltimore For Horse Racing, Bikinis

LOOK: Famous People Are Coming For The Preakness, Bikini Contest

While horse fans from around the world will tune into NBC for the 138th Preakness Stakes this Saturday, the race's actual attendees will more likely be invested in the event for its reputation as Baltimore's biggest party.

preakness celebrities 2013

In addition to the $1 million, two-minute race, Preakness will feature two concerts, B-25 bomber fly-overs, a glee club, "Top Chef" curated food, lots of hats and a bikini contest.

preakness 2012

The event regularly draws high profile politicians and sports figures. With big budget movie and television filming in and around Baltimore, don't be surprised if you see Captain America watching a race, or a bikini contest.

Click through the slideshow for confirmed and rumored celebrities for Preakness 2013.


Preakness 2013 Celebrities

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