Shane Black Is Rebooting 'Predator'

Shane Black is rebooting "Predator" (and not because of the echo). The famed writer behind "Lethal Weapon," "Monster Squad," "The Long Kiss Goodnight" and "Iron Man 3," will tackle the project for 20th Century Fox, this according to The Hollywood Reporter. Black, who also appeared in a supporting role in 1987's beloved action thriller as Hawkins, will write a treatment for "Predator" that Fred Dekker (who directed "Monster Squad") will turn into a script. Black is then expected to direct the film.

The first "Predator" film starred Arnold Schwarzenegger and grossed just under $100 million at the global box office following its initial release. As Indiewire's The Playlist points out, Black was frequently asked to tweak the original film's script during production, but he constantly refused. More on that anecdote from a feature on Black published last year by Grantland:

According to "Predator" producer Jon Davis, there was an ulterior motive behind their decision to hire the hot screenwriter of the moment to play a grunt: “The idea was hatched — we’ll hire him as an actor and then when he’s stuck in Mexico we’ll make him rewrite it.” This never actually happened; instead Black read a lot, hung out in Mexican discos, and worked on the script that became "The Last Boy Scout."

No word yet on when the "Predator" reboot would hit theaters. For more on the planned film, head to THR.



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