Pregnancy In Art: From Klimt To Yeo, The Finest In Baby-Bump Depictions (PHOTOS) (NSFW)

When Artists Tackle Pregnant Ladies

With nativity scenes on display and a royal baby on the way, the 2012 holiday season is reveling in pregnancy themes. To celebrate the trend, we've found a series of influential depictions of fertile women in art. Over the centuries, we've seen artists imagine everyone from Eve to Britney Spears in various states of pregnancy. In some cases, the creations are intensely personal -- as in the case of Picasso's "Pregnant Woman," a sculpture intended to inspire the birth of a third child. In others, such as celebrity portraitist Jonathan Yeo's very public unveiling this year of an expectant Sienna Miller, the goal is most certainly to capture attention.

Scroll through the slideshow below and let us know in the comments what you think of this age-old practice of turning a spotlight on the expectant. (Warning: it's NSFW, due to some very naked pregnant ladies.)

1432: Jan Van Eyck, 'Figure of Eve'

Pregnant Women In Art

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